What could be better than a trip to Provence? 
A trip to Provence followed by several days in Paris; that’s what! 



Provence is known for its exquisite landscape, known to inspire painters. There are beautiful river valleys, gorges, lovely coastlands, and mountainous areas with picturesque old villages, alive in a wonderful Mediterranean climate.

From Mont Ventoux, a mountain called “the Giant of Provence,” to the isle of Camargue, a river delta known for its horses and wildlife and for its pink salt lakes, to Roussillon, which contains unusual desert scenery and red rock formations, and Calanques, a wild rocky area off the coast, are some of the not-to-be-missed sights of scenic Provence.

There is something very special about the Provence region. A feeling of quietude, calm, peace, but also an almost magical feeling when you are there. Imagine yourself. It’s a late Sunday morning; you are sitting at a cafe on the main square of Saint Ramy de Provence, where are stunning five star villa is located, enjoying people watching with a flaky croissant.

It’s a beautiful day, the sky is blue, with not a single cloud. You hear people talking with a lyrical southern French accent and no one…no one is in a rush. People are enjoying life on a day of leisure. Maybe you hear the water of a fountain sounding like laughter.

You may smell the perfume of fresh bread coming from the oven of a nearby bakery. It’s almost time for lunch, people are waiting in line to buy a warm baguette. The farmer’s market is about to close; the villagers bought their goods for the week: seasonal fruits and vegetables, olives, some olive oil, nuts, beans and grains…maybe some fresh flowers.

The sun reflects on the ochre, yellow-orange walls of the pretty town houses. They are old, the shutters need to be replaced. You can see some laundry hanging under the dry sun. The church bells ring 12 times, the shops are about to close for the day, the villagers are going home an enjoy their day with family, friends, good food and maybe some wine.


In Provence, we’ll stay at Mas Le Gaudre, a beautiful five stary villa, just outside of the village of Saint Remy de Provence. These luxurious complex features exquisite accommodations, gardens, pool and outdoor spaces, and it’s only a ten-minute walk into the village. 

That’s Provence.


After a glorious week in this magical region with our intrepid guide and driver, Jeremie (I say intrepid because just try to stump him with a request) and we are off, on the Tube, to the City of Lights herself, Paris for three days enjoying the splendor of this magnificent city.

Ahh Paris, the most visited city in the world. The city of lights…the city of fashion…a city of cobblestones and historic cafes.

We’ll begin by visiting some of the many neighborhoods and museums of this magical city of love, including a guided tour of the Louvre where we’ll see the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo

A trip to Paris would not be complete without a visit to the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, as well as Tuilleries Garden, and Ile Saint Louis.

And that’s just a taste of all we’ll see and do.

Our Hotel

Once in Paris, we’ll be staying in Saint Germain, one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city center, at Hotel Le Bellechsasse Saint Germain, walking distance from all the major sites of the city. This boutique hotel has only 33 rooms, and behinds its classic appearance is hidden an outstanding personality of character where designs, figures, colors and subjects are skillfully orchestrated and re-occur at the same times neo-classicism and bohemian spirit.


We have so much in store for you, I can’t wait for you to be there with us to experience it all. On this amazing adventure, we’ll visit most historic sites in Provence and Paris, surrounding treasured locations and neighborhoods while dining, exploring markets, museums, archeological sites and so much more.


From mushroom bourguignon and carottes paysannes to vegan cassoulet, we’ll savor it all; and I hope you know us well enough to know that we will be dishing up the best that France has to offer in our own kitchen, as well as enjoying meals out in local restaurants. Plant-based or not, you’ll find something luscious to satisfy your desires at the table.


Cooking alongside Christina, and joining you on your daily excursions is our dear friend, and exquisite plant-based chef, Patrick Verre.

Trained and schooled in France and Belgium, seasoned in NYC, Patrick’s cooking style has evolved with the trends for the last 15 years. Many years ago, he turned his head to the correlation between food and health, and a wholesome plant based lifestyle, and hasn’t looked back.

Patrick is both Cornell University and Macrobiotic Kushi Institute certified.


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 $6,995.00 per person double occupancy / $7,995.00 single occupancy 
(Excluding airfare and train from Provence to Paris)