Time to Play

June 7, 2017

With summer in full swing, it’s prime play time. I don’t know about you, but I drain every drop of fun in the sun out of this all-too-short season.

I usually spend my summer months running around Italy at work and play, exploring various sights and treasures of this gorgeous country, hosting groups of happy guests all enjoying our own little la dolce vita. Nothing gives me more pleasure than touring with groups and watching their happy faces around the table enjoying a feast that my assistants and I have prepared from the freshest local ingredients of whatever region we are in.

With summer peaking, we enjoy so much. The warm sunny days nourish our farms to produce an abundance of food that can only be described as luscious. Succulent vegetables and fruit provide us the nutrients we need and desire to be our very best during this active season. Thank goodness for farm markets and CSA’s.

Mother Nature cradles us in her lush gardens, giving us her very best display of her love and affection for us, the tender beings that take gently from her bounty…and hopefully give back to her in gratitude by replenishing what we take and not wasting the abundance she provides. Now more than ever, we must help our planet to heal. Let’s take special care of it this summer and nurture, not plunder all nature offers.

This summer, commit to joyful wellness in your life. Take steps to make each day toward being the best you. Hit the gym; play outside; get fit…and cook…cook…cook. Take from the bounty our planet provides and prepare meals that nourish, cool and satisfy. Keep it simple, light and fresh.

I know we love to share our lives on social media. I know I do. But as I always say…put your devices down now and then; look up and enjoy nature. Enjoy life. Live it for real, not on a screen. Summer races by in what feels like seconds, so wring every drop of joy from it and have a blast.