Time for a Picnic

June 13, 2016

As the first day of summer approaches (yippppeeeeeeeee…) we begin to think…picnic! There’s nothing more fun and relaxing, more leisurely and chill than a blanket on the grass with friends and loved ones than a picnic. 


The keys to a great al fresco party are the food and the people. It’s no picnic being surrounded by people who are a drag (see what I did there?), so invite your best…and most fun-loving peeps to an outdoor party, if you can. With social distancing, that picnic might be in your own back yard with family, in a park or on a beach, keeping safe distance from each other. The good news is we are outdoors, hopefully together once again.


Then there’s the food. It has to stand up to the weather so no delicate munchies that day. I like to fix hearty sandwiches, robust salads made from whole grains like farro, with lots of veggies with a simple olive oil and vinegar dressing. Potato salads, Italian style, dressed with olive oil and lemon juice work well at picnics. I don’t make anything fussy and no creamy dressings that can go sour.


Dessert is where I have a lot of fun making treats that hold up well in warm weather, but have a wee bit of decadence as well. And we always have plenty of fresh fruit around to keep us feeling refreshed.


Beer, prosecco, sparkling water and fresh juices fill our coolers so we stay hydrated.


Try these great dishes for your next picnic!