The World’s Tiniest Fresh Vegetable Takes Healthy Eating to a New…and Yummy Level

November 12, 2023

When I first heard of GreenOnyx, I had no idea what I was in for. I was told it was a ‘revolutionary product;’ a game-changer.’ I have heard that before…about product after product. I confess that I have not seen many game-changers in the mix.

I was completely unprepared for the premier product of GreenOnyx, WannaGreens.

Wanna, what, you say?

Little green grains, about the size of amaranth filled the container I received in the mail. Silky to the touch, almost airy, I was extremely intrigued.

I had received all the pertinent information prior to the package’s arrival. Wanna Greens are simply “wolffia” or fresh water lentils, nothing more. And according to the genius people at GreenOnyx: “To ensure the highest level of food safety, we grow our water lentils on the world’s first completely sterile farm, free from any human intervention. This guarantees that you can enjoy the benefits without risking your health.” Wow, right? The tiniest fresh vegetable known to man, it has evolved over 150 million years, with more iron than spinach, more zinc that broccoli and more potassium than just about any green vegetable.

Wait, what? And I knew nothing about this plant?

Look; you all know that I believe that leafy greens are one of nature’s most powerful and potent gifts to humanity. Packed with nutrients that can give us the gift of wellness and longevity, I could wax poetic about greens until I have no breath left in me.

But no matter how much I speak about the incredible benefits of greens, a mere fraction of us eat what is considered the recommended daily amount to experience those benefits.

That’s about to change, baby.

Tiny little Wanna Greens are truly a game-changer. Want to get your nutrient-dense greens, but can’t find the time to buy, clean, chop and cook them? Or you just don’t like greens? (Impossible for me to imagine, but it can happen, I guess.) Well, then, you’re in luck because in each tiny grain, each one a whole leafy green plant, you’ll find all the nutrient-density you seek.

All you have to do is open the package and sprinkle it on any food, savory or sweet, from stirring it into hummus or soups to piling it on avocado or sprinkling it on ice cream or chocolate cake.

Wait…did she just say ice cream or chocolate cake? Yes, I did.

Wanna Greens, teeny tiny fresh water lentils are so mild, with such a lovely mouth feel that you can sprinkle them on anything you eat, literally anything.

Love smoothies? Wanna Greens are for you. Love cookies? Yup, Wanna Greens can be added as sort of ‘sprinkles.’ Their bright green color gives any dish a gorgeous finishing flourish.

Now for the big picture stuff that means everything to me and is one of the main reasons I have decided to work with the genius people behind this true food revolution.

Wanna Greens is sustainable (…like, on steroids) grown, as stated earlier, in a sterile environment that has little impact on water use and is zero waste. Grown in a sterile environment, to avoid any contamination from outside toxins, Wanna Greens is well, beyond organic. In fact, every tiny sphere is a whole vegetable, not cut or chopped. Wanna Greens Wolffia undergoes no freeze-drying or any other form of processing. You enjoy the maximum health benefits from consuming raw, wholesome vegetables that are non-GMO and not bioengineered in any way. These little vegetables are pure natural strains of Wolffia that were originally gathered from their wild, natural habitat. And did i mention that this product is entirely free from pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, or any other harmful chemicals.

Sounds too good to be true, right? it gets better. Wanna Greens has a shelf life that is nothing short of remarkable. Unlike other fresh plants or vegetables, Wolffia doesn’t have roots, which means that it can live even when kept in a package. Freshness is maintained throughout the process of plant to package. As a result, every package of Wanna Greens is like a mini field of fresh vegetables that can be easily scooped up with a spoon. As long as you use a clean spoon, Wanna Greens can remain fresh for up to four weeks.

So in short…Wanna Greens is a product that is yummy, nutrient-dense, farm-friendly, sustainable, non GMO, zero waste, zero effort to use (just sprinkle it on…everything); did I mention yummy and that this product has a four-week shelf life in your fridge? It almost sounds too good to be true, but I assure you; it’s not.

Could Tsipi Shoham, the genius PhD cancer researcher who spent years making the connection between food and disease prevention, have developed nature’s perfect food? Maybe…just maybe.

One last thing: at this moment, the supply will be limited during the first year of Wanna Greens’ launch in the US. To ensure that subscribers have a constant supply as desired, we have opened up a VIP waiting list. Only those registered on this list will have the opportunity to subscribe and receive a discount of 50%. As a special bonus, the next 1000 members will receive a Wanna Greens sample to try it out before anyone else.

Join Wanna Greens VIP wait list; click on this link. You’ll love that you did.