What's Going on with Being Vegan?

I have practiced a balanced vegan lifestyle for over 35 years. Lately, several young vegan influencers (whatever that means to you), are bailing on the lifestyle because they lost their vitality and wellness.


What Does It Really Mean to Be Vegan?

It’s National Vegan Month, which got me to thinking, as these various month-long commemorations often do. Sometimes they evoke a rant from me and sometimes, I want to just ruminate.


What does it mean to be vegan in this modern time? Is it elitist to eschew meat, a cultural phenomenon reserved only for the wealthy? Is it for celebrities looking for their thigh gap? Is it just for people who are dysfunctional around food? Or just for puppy lovers?


Hard to Believe We’re Still Here in 2018

I am an avid listener of the NPR radio program 1A. Well, I was an avid listener, until last week.


I find the show and its host, Joshua Johnson to be intelligent, unbiased and open-minded to all sides of an argument or issue. Again, until last week.


I often go on record as saying that I’m “not that kind of vegan.” You know the ones, lecturing everyone, preaching, waggling their fingers in your face.


The Pomp of Pomegranates

When I was a kid, the only thing that helped me get over the passing of Christmas was the appearance of what my grandfather called “Chinese apples.”  I couldn’t wait until he pried the bright red skin open, revealing the tiny jewel-like

Let Go…and Do Good

I am not a big fan of clutter or accumulating what we don’t need so the rule in our house goes like this: “Have you use this in six months?” If the answer is no, then we let whatever ‘this’ is go—to a charity, a shelter or a relative. We let go and do good.

Happy Healthy Holidays

I spent a few weeks working in Italy this past summer and fall and was struck by how healthy Italian living feels with its slower pace and relaxed lifestyle. Italians approach life much differently than we do. They’re less concerned with how quickly they can get through a meal, instead savoring each bite with relish. Sure, fast food is making inroads there, but most Italians love food too much to succumb to the siren song of junk food.

Fabulous Fennel

Growing up in an Italian household, fennel, or finocchio, was a staple on our autumn table.  It wasn’t until I grew up that I discovered that it was rarely used in American cuisine.  Well, I’m here to tell you that this is a vegetable not to be missed.

Changing How We Think

When I was younger and newly vegetarian, I think I had it easier than today. In order to change how I ate, I had to change how I thought about food. I wasn’t bombarded by faux foods. I didn’t have access to veggie burgers, vegan hot dogs, vegan ice cream, vegan cheese or vegan eggs. I had to figure out how to make vegetables taste really good as vegetables, not vegetables disguised as something else.

Listening In the Kitchen

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  It’s my job. I love every second of it.  Having worked as an artist in my earlier years, I love the creative outlet I have always found in cooking--developing recipes, creating beautiful presentations, discovering new combinations of food and of course, always discovering how the energies come together to create the dance of life.

The Aristocrat of Oranges, The Mandarin

I live on the East Coast. Winter sets in with dull, grey, bone-chilling cold days.  Since I can’t always jet off to a tropical paradise for a break from winter blahs, what’s a girl to do?  I take my pale-face to the market and pick up some mandarin oranges.  They’re like my own personal dose of sunshine, as well as a bit nostalgic since my mother used to put them in the toes of our stockings at Christmas.