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Olive Oil and Your Heart

People who follow a Mediterranean diet have a better quality of life and a longer one. You read right: according to research, people who eat a Mediterranean type diet live better and longer.


Celebrating Men

This month, we celebrate men.


According to the internet, June is dedicated to helping men to find their way to wellness. It reads: “The purpose of Men’s Health Month is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys.”


Saturated Fat

As we celebrate our tickers, I thought I would take a look at one of the ingredients that seems to cause us so much grief.
We are told that eating foods containing saturated fats raises cholesterol levels in your blood. We know that high levels of LDL cholesterol, along with elevated triglycerides (fats in the blood) increase your risk of heart disease and stroke.
What exactly are saturated fats? A bit of chemistry for you.

Beans, Beans; They’re Good for Your Heart

How could I resist using that silly little ditty from our childhoods to begin a discussion of beans…and their influence on your heart health?


I can’t. My inner Henny Youngman just won’t let me…


As corny as that little song is, it rings of truth. Beans, eaten regularly are great for creating a healthy heart.  But don’t panic. You don’t need a hill of them to reap the benefits (I know; the hits just keep on coming…). According to The Journal of Nutrition, a mere half-cup of cooked beans daily can help reduce cholesterol.


It gets better.


Be #HeartHealthy And Win!

Calling all creativity! All you Instagrammers and Tweeters out there; it’s time to show off your artsy side…and win a great prize for posting.
It’s simple to enter. Simply share a photo on Instagram and Twitter showing off a heart-healthy dish you’ve prepared. But here’s the catch. From February 18-22, you’ll be showing off dishes made with yummy greens.

Let Them Eat Kale

There are two types of people in the world…those who eat greens and those who should.


You can laugh, but it’s true.


In my book, leafy greens are the first line of defense when it comes to improving or maintaining your health and wellness. Leafy vegetables are brimming with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and plant-based compounds that help protect you from heart disease, diabetes and even cancer.


Money Talks…Chocolate Sings!

There’s a saying that money can’t buy happiness. It can, however, buy chocolate. And in my book that’s practically the same thing.


Christina Cooks Heart Health Contest

It's contest time! Don't you just love that idea? I do! To celebrate American Heart Month, I'm giving you the chance to become a 'proactivist' and take your heart health into your own hands...and win some very cool Christina Cooks prizes along the way!


The Dairy Myth

Doesn't it seem that for most of us we often have weight loss on our minds? We’ve been told that milk and other dairy products can be helpful in the battle of the bulge.

But is it true?

Just as they successfully sold pork to us as ‘the other white meat,’ marketers are hoping to sell us on the notion that milk and dairy products are the ‘second coming’ of weight loss. You may have thought this fight was over, but read one women’s magazine and you will find a celebrity endorsement of milk as a way to achieve your ideal weight.