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A Midsummer Night Dinner Party

As social distancing and limited exposure to people not in your nuclear circle (like people with whom you share a home) continue, I am thinking about dinner parties and other fun food gatherings, like cooking classes.

Moving Forward

After months of lockdown and stay at home orders, it looks like summer might just begin. Our new normal will dictate the rules but many of us will finally venture out and gather together in ways we haven’t in some time.

We have come through weeks and weeks of sickness, economic strife, racial fury and general chaos in our society. It has been tough to concentrate amid these wrenching days as we battle back from disease and an abiding sadness. We will work for change hoping to ensure that everyone has the same opportunities and access to a good life.

What Now?

I am writing a lot these days; making a lot of cooking videos; and posting them. I love my work. I love connecting with all of you in any way I can. Our little community brings me a great deal of comfort and I hope it does the same for you during these oh, so interesting times.

Failing in the Kitchen

Kitchen failures happen. It’s simply the reality of life when we cook. My very wise macrobiotic cooking teacher once told me that for every great dish there were 100 disasters. That may be a bit of an exaggeration but you get the idea. Life in the kitchen can be humbling for the best of us so if you suddenly find yourself weeks into cooking three meals a day for the family (or yourself) in an attempt to keep up social distancing, you know that not every dish is worthy of a James Beard nomination.