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Back to Italy

I returned from Rome two weeks ago, after eight weeks of working in our lovely travel business, hosting gloriously fun groups of tourists from Ravello to Naples, Cortona to Rome. We followed it with two weeks’ holiday in my favorite city on earth, the Eternal City…Rome.

It's An Italian Thing

When we think of the Mediterranean we think of azure blue seas and leisurely days. I think of robust feasts served in olive orchards on one of our many trips to Italy with clients, family and friends. The image of the table laden with freshly cooked whole grains, beans and seasonal vegetables prepared in deliciously simple and imaginative ways, transports me there.


Living Like An Italian…for a Little While Anyway

It feels like a moment ago that we landed in Rome, jetlagged from an overnight flight, but eager to welcome our guests, friends and family to another epic adventure in Italy.


Converging on Albergo Santa Chiara, ( a gorgeous boutique hotel, perfectly situated behind the magnificent Pantheon, we could easily walk to see all the wonders of Rome…from The Vatican and its museums to the best pizza and gelato. We were in the heart of this glorious city.