healthy sweets

Choco-Nut Bars

I adapted this recipe from a cookbook promising the perfect cookie. This simple bar cookie is so easy and so delicious, you’ll find yourself making it over and over.


Makes 32 bars


As summer really heats up, we look to sweet, succulent fruits to help us keep our cool.  Cherries are the perfect summer treat (gee…do you think that’s why nature gives them to us?)…with their juicy flesh and rich mineral content…and they are oh, so yummy.


Buona Tiramisu


While not really an Italian classic, this yummy dessert has come to be associated with Italian cuisine…right up there with pasta. My version is delish and lighter on the hips.


Cookies to Make You Happy... and Healthy... This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year. The air is crisp and cold. We’ve packed away the flip flops for boots and sweaters. The lights are untangled and ready to adorn the tree, windows and doorways, warming our hearts and our homes, welcoming everyone to celebrate with us. The holiday season is here. And with it, the joy of cookies!


Hold onto your biscuits, Grasshopper.