healthy holiday cooking

Healthy Holiday Side Dishes to Savor

It’s that time of year. A time to gather our loved ones around us, enjoy, share and celebrate…everything. A long, cold winter stretches before us. The holidays distract us from the truth of winter, harsh weather (for most of us…), long nights and short days. We feast and party, party and feast.


And we don’t think of health and wellness very much until around January 2 when we face the New Year.


Vegetable-Cranberry Hand Pies

With roots in 18th century England, Cornish miners used to tote hand pies to work. Sweet or savory, these little pastries are delish.

Makes 6-8 pies


Vegan Easter Bread

My mother made a braided bread each and every Easter and we counted the days, hours and minutes until we sliced into the fragrant braids and feasted on this yummy treat. Not just for a holiday breakfast, you'll find it turns any Sunday brunch into something really special. I make it a day in advance and do the final glaze right before serving it.

Makes 8-10 servings

Holiday Leftovers

You’ve worked all week: shopping, cleaning the house, prepping ingredients, baking and cooking for the big feast that brings us together around the table to celebrate our gratitude for abundance, life…and this year, more than ever…each other.


The table is set; the candles lit, the wine opened or chilled. The house is fragrant with the perfume of foods cooking to perfection.