Healthy Cooking

Our New Normal...For Now

I have worked from home for a long time. Unless traveling, hosting groups; teaching classes and seminars or lecturing, I generally work from my home office (aka, my kitchen), writing and creating recipes.

My Life's Mission

My reason to get out of bed every day is to make a difference.


My mother raised us with the mantra: “If you’re not serving someone or something somehow today, don’t bother going out of the house.” She embedded the idea of making a difference in my DNA.


I confess that it took being diagnosed with terminal cancer for me to discover my mission. Once I had regained my wellness with food, I knew that I had found the purpose of my life: to help guide others to wellness and robust vitality by helping them understand the impact of food on their health.


What to Cook This Week

Have you ever stood in the kitchen without one solid idea of what to cook? Me, too.


Have you ever lost your inspiration and find yourself cooking the same recipes over and over? Me, too. It doesn’t happen to me often, but I have to be straight with you. I cook and bake so much…and I love it.


But every now and then, I lose my inspiration; throw up my hands and want to order take-out. The problem is, there’s no take-out worth ordering, so I hike up my skirt (as the saying goes) and get into the kitchen and cook.


Your Kitchen Is Your Pharmacy

We live in challenging times. Our political system is in upheaval; our food supply is under assault by big business interests who care only for profit, not for quality. Our fragile planet groans under the weight of our excesses. Our healthcare costs are through the roof, leaving many of us feeling unsettled about the quality of care we could receive…if we needed it.


What's Going on with Our Colons?

What’s Going on with Our Colons?

The news was big…and somber…and apparently, shocking for many people, including experts.


Bashful bananas

I have to tell you, bananas are not my favorite fruit…sorry.  It’s not the flavor…they’re sweet, so that’s good, right. It was purely a texture thing; they’re too soft or gushy, as I called them as a kid.


So ignore my food foibles and discover the benefits these beauties bring to your wellness for yourself. Bananas are said to be one of the most sensually delicious fruits and a powerhouse of nutrition. They cannot be ignored.  


KISS Me, Baby

I say it all the time. Keep It Simple, Sweetie. It’s the key to success when you’re thinking about changing your diet and lifestyle to reflect healthier habits.


It's Black History Month

Every February we celebrate heart health and love. But we also celebrate Black History Month, paying tribute to the generations of African Americans who struggled with adversity to achieve full citizenship in American society and to celebrate their amazing contributions to modern life. Their tenacity, inventiveness, achievements and ability to go high when society goes low teaches all of us valuable life lessons.


Your Essential Pantry

I must get asked these questions ten times a day: How do I set up a pantry to create health and wellness? What should I include, besides the basics to enhance the nutritive value of the foods I cook?


Each time I hear these or the million other variations on the topic of setting up a pantry, I think there’s a lot of work to do in order to help people make better choices…and to have access to the kinds of ingredients that will make their food delicious and nutrient-dense.


This Old Yankee Had a Cutting Board

It was a blazing hot summer day and I was about to do a cooking demo for the Newport Mansions Food and Wine Festival.


A man with sparkling eyes and a baseball cap walked slowly toward me. Slowly because he was seriously encumbered by the weight of an enormous cutting board on his hip that threw his balance completely off.