Can Vegetables Be Our New Meat?

It’s been a bad time recently for meat-and meat eaters. Everywhere they turn, they are faced with studies telling them meat kills, experts advising to quit meat and contaminated meat recalls. Everywhere, knives and forks are paused over juicy pieces of animal shank in hesitation.

Oil or No Oil-That Is the Question

Not a day goes by that I am not asked about oil. I have to say that while I am honored and thrilled to answer anyone’s questions at any time, this one makes me sad.

Sad? Yes, sad.

You see, from my perspective, eating a diet of densely nutritious and yummy foods results in robust wellness. With that kind of vitality, we should be living our lives to their fullest potential, free of niggling fears and anxieties.

How Far Have We Really Come In Our Quest for Health?

It’s a discussion that has to be had, whether we like it or not. Not a day goes by that we don’t read, see or hear a news story telling us how our collective health is deteriorating.

Living a Healthful Peaceful Life

I am a cooking teacher, first and foremost. I get asked a lot of questions as a result. And it seems to me that we have lost our way when it comes to food. People are so confused. Each day we hear statistics that are scarier than anything that Stephen King could imagine. So now we’re not only confused, we’re scared witless about what to eat!

Suffering Seaweed, Batman! It’s A Real Super Food!

You may think of them as the annoying fronds that wrap around your ankles at the seaside, but sea vegetables are the ultimate super food. At a time when it seems there’s a new super ingredient every day, sea vegetables are the real deal.

If the only seaweed you’ve ever eaten is the nori wrapped around a sushi roll, have I got news for you. These ancient plants come in an array of varieties all with different balances of nutrients we need to be well and vital.

Shiitake Happens

We may not think of

Dried Fruit-Healthy or Hype?

Many of you have heard me say that when that candy bar in your desk drawer is calling your name at snack time…well…there’s a better choice. For many of us, that choice is dried fruit.

But is it so great a choice in the end?

As snacks go, it can be dodgy, to be honest. While dried fruits are concentrated sources of minerals like iron, copper, potassium, beta carotene and fiber, they are also rich sources of sugar…and calories.

Tailgate This!

It’s that time of year. We’re all about the Super Bowl. And while the game is the center of the universe for those 4-5 hours, it seems to me that the parties are just as important. We gather with families and friends; in bars and restaurants, homes and clubs and at the field itself tailgating.

In that short window of time, we manage to do a lot of damage. Second only to Thanksgiving in terms of food consumption, the average fan consumes more than 2400 calories during the 4-5 hours of partying for the game.

Glorious Grapefruit

I don’t know about you, but where I live, when the bone-chilling cold of winter sets in, it feels like it will never thaw.  Steel grey skies, cloudy days and long dark nights leave us shivering under blankets for months.

Cleaning Up For the New Year

It’s the New Year. You’ve made the decision to clean up your eating habits and get fit. Maybe you’ve made this resolution before, but what if it could really “stick” this time? What if you re-thought the way you approached food and eating and really changed your life?