cancer prevention

Are We Really Standing Up to Cancer? Really?

I am at it again, ranting about cancer and the fact that we continue to “wage war” on this disease but yet, what are we accomplishing?


It’s the time of year when we will once again, Stand Up to Cancer, watching on all networks as celebrities in their designer tee shirts ask us to donate to groundbreaking research to end cancer. Again.


What Does Cancer Prevention Really Mean?

In the past few months, I have had more phone calls from people I love asking for advice about cancer (and diabetes and heart disease) than I care to think about. People are losing their health at younger and younger ages. People who considered themselves healthy are struggling.


I am particularly raw about it right now, I have to confess, so please excuse my passion.


I have started saying that I would be happy with one day without bad news, not a week, just…one…day.


The Scoop on Sugar

It's World Cancer Day, part of a 3-year project to reduce the burden of cancer on the world. It's a great idea and there are lots of ways you can work...your own reduce your risks...and sugar is at the top of the list.

Sorry kids, but this one is big...and real...

According to experts, our beloved sparkly white powder is hardly the stuff of “everything nice.” In fact, it’s a key contributor to our collective decline in health and wellness.