Winter Veggie 'n' Bean Stew

Every three to four years you get a new skeleton. What you do now helps create the skeleton you will have later. Weight-bearing exercise and a calcium-rich plant-based diet go a long way to ensuring your bones serve you well for a long time.

Makes 3-4 servings

Ingredient List: 

1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil
1 red onion, large dice
1 cup winter squash, large dice
1 cup white turnips, large dice
1-2 carrots, large dice
1-2 parsnips, large dice
sprouted whole wheat flour or whole wheat pastry flour
organic soy sauce
1 cup cooked/canned red kidney beans or black beans
2-3 tablespoons prepared stoneground mustard
fresh grated ginger juice
2-3 stalks broccoli, small florets (for garnish)

Step By Step Instructions: 

Preheat oven to 375o.

Heat oil in a skillet and sauté onions with a splash of soy sauce until limp. Add balance of vegetables and sauté until coated with oil. Sprinkle lightly with flour and sauté until flour sticks to vegetable pieces. Season lightly with soy sauce and sauté for a few minutes more. Set aside.

Mix together beans, mustard, and ginger juice to taste. Fold in cooked vegetables. Spoon into a lightly oiled casserole and sprinkle lightly with water.

Cover and bake for 45 minutes, until vegetables are tender and a stewy consistency has formed. Remove cover and bake until stew begins to firm up a bit; it will not set up, but it will thicken.

While the stew is baking, lightly steam several broccoli florets. When the casserole is done, remove from oven and arrange broccoli florets around the edges of the casserole. Serve immediately.