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A Taste of My Book, "Wellness 1000"

These decadent burgers have none of the saturated fat of meat, but all the “meaty” goodness of a burger and will have even the most committed carnivores coming back for more. And the guacamole... READ MORE

I know what you’re thinking. Scrambled chickpeas? This recipe is such a treat and so easy to make. The earthy spice of the curry provides more than heat. Naturally antiseptic, anti-inflammatory,... READ MORE

From My Show

I love the simplicity of this recipe. All in one pot and it's a feast!

Makes 4 servings



It doesn’t get fresher than this. On hot summer days, when we feel limp and wilted, this salad comes to our rescue with a moisture-rich, sweetly refreshing energy, a bit of bitter taste to relax... READ MORE

Seasonal Favorites

This amazingly simple and naturally gluten-free recipe is from La Cucina Povera, the food of the poor. Made simply from chickpea flour and seasonings, it’s high in protein and deeply satisfying... READ MORE

These tender, spiced fig-filled cookies are just the greatest. Each region of Italy seems to make them a bit differently. My Nonna did them 2 ways: this way and as thumbprint style cookies,... READ MORE

Cooking Favorites

This classic Roman pasta dish features few ingredients, which is its brilliance. I wanted to keep my vegan version almost as simple and just as tasty.

Makes 2-3 servings

This cookie...this cookie might just be the best tasting cookie of my life. No kidding. It has some steps, but man, are these babies worth it. Thanks to Bake Magazine for the inspiration.