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A Taste of My Book, "Wellness 1000"

These decadent burgers have none of the saturated fat of meat, but all the “meaty” goodness of a burger and will have even the most committed carnivores coming back for more. And the guacamole... READ MORE

I know what you’re thinking. Scrambled chickpeas? This recipe is such a treat and so easy to make. The earthy spice of the curry provides more than heat. Naturally antiseptic, anti-inflammatory,... READ MORE

From My Show

A Sicilian summer classic. Not potato salad as we, in America know it, this version is richly seasoned, wild with varying textures and yummily perked up with... READ MORE

It doesn’t get fresher than this. On hot summer days, when we feel limp and wilted, this salad comes to our rescue with a moisture-rich, sweetly refreshing energy, a bit of bitter taste to relax... READ MORE

Seasonal Favorites

The perfect side dish when you want something that seems special but was easy to pull together.


Makes 2-3 servings

This hearty salad is so lovely on a cold night. I love to serve it with a thick bean soup and a chunk of crusty whole grain bread for a most satisfying meal.


Makes 3-4 servings

Cooking Favorites

Can’t get your family to eat their green leafy vegetables? Then try this baby on them. Rich with... READ MORE

Yummy and meaty, this sandwich will satisfy the most discriminating palate--from vegan to burger munchers. Packed with flavor, sensationally seasoned and hearty enough for a lumberjack, this... READ MORE