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A Taste of My Book, "Wellness 1000"

These decadent burgers have none of the saturated fat of meat, but all the “meaty” goodness of a burger and will have even the most committed carnivores coming back for more. And the guacamole... READ MORE

I know what you’re thinking. Scrambled chickpeas? This recipe is such a treat and so easy to make. The earthy spice of the curry provides more than heat. Naturally antiseptic, anti-inflammatory,... READ MORE

From My Show

I love the simplicity of this recipe. All in one pot and it's a feast!

Makes 4 servings



It doesn’t get fresher than this. On hot summer days, when we feel limp and wilted, this salad comes to our rescue with a moisture-rich, sweetly refreshing energy, a bit of bitter taste to relax... READ MORE

Seasonal Favorites

Pumpkin pie filling atop a flaky biscuit crust is so homey and appealing. I prefer these creamy little squares to a traditional pumpkin pie. Bite-sized, rich, and spicy, these are perfect with a... READ MORE

Autumn is in the air and for me that means apple desserts. This one tool some tweaking but I think it's right where I want it. A sweet spot so to speak.

Makes 9 servings

Cooking Favorites

These little muffins will liven up any breakfast table. Yummy and good for you too.

Makes 9 standard muffins

I have been trying to perfect vegan gelato for a while now. Coconut milk is easy but it makes my tummy angry so it's off the table for me. I finally found the recipe that resulted in a creamy,... READ MORE