Wellness 1000

The deluxe edition of my first and oh, so gorgeous e book, Wellness 1000 features the complete text, more than 25 exclusive, original videos featuring cooking techniques, health tips and key nutritional and ingredient information, and more than 70 color photos of dishes from the book.

This collection of more than 1,000 recipes, tips, techniques and health information draws from my greatest hits from the last two decades. Featuring updated and revised selections from my cookbooks and recipes from my website, Christina Pirello's Wellness 1000 is more than a cookbook. From basic stocks, sauces and dressings to soup, salads, and main dishes to special sections on tempeh, grains, tofu, and desserts, this comprehensive guide to healthful cooking and living also includes a "kitchen pharmacy" of natural home remedies, an extensive glossary and a guide to kitchen staples.

Throughout the book as usual, I offer sound advice and useful information to help readers make the best choices for themselves and their families, and gives them the most important tool available to change their health—and to change the world: cooking and eating real food.

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