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Vita Bella Organic Age Delay Eye Circle and Wrinkle Serum - .5oz

Our Marine Collagen Peptide Serum soothes delicate and tired tissue around the eyes as it helps to reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. Delivers key nutrients to promote a visibly refreshed and toned look. This Anti-Aging Eye Serum is known to reduce eye sensitivity and dissipate troubling age spots. Many of our customers also attribute the lessening of unsightly crows feet to the usage of this Anti-Aging Eye Serum. Vita Bella's eye circle and wrinkle serum infused with organic olive oil and over 10 superfoods and antioxidants, it is also enriched with clinically effective marine collagen peptides. Our serum activates and renews aged and damaged skin usually within the very first application.

Ingredients: organic acai berry, purified water, organic blueberry wine extract, organic grape wine extract, organic olive leaf extract, hydrolized rice bran protein, soybean protein, plant source peptide, organic extra virgin olive oil, olive squalene, xanthan gum (plant source), caprylyl glycol (from coconut), natural fragrance, cetearyl olivate (from olive oil), sorbitan olivate (from olive oil), potassium sorbate derived from oil from mountain ash berries, pomegranate oil, rosehip oil, grape seed proanthocyanidins, natural active peptides, coenzyme Q10, vitamin B3, lycopene, tocotrienols, astaxanthin, lutein, alpha lipoic acid, vitamin C ester, baking soda, citric acid (from citrus fruit)

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