Resveratrol – Anti Aging Support

This anti-aging blend combines powerful antioxidants into a defender against free radicals & other agents of premature aging.

Resveratrol, the key component of red wine, has been identified as the anti-oxidant which has been linked specifically to anti-aging and many health success stories. HerbaSway’s Anti-Aging Support is a supreme concentrate that provides you with the resveratrol content of up to 80 glasses of red wine!

Features & Benefits of Resveratrol – Anti-Aging Support:

– Protects cells from free radicals

– Blends resveratrol from grape and the giant knotweed. Also rich with grape seed extracts

Try Resveratrol – Anti-Aging Support in sparkling water!

Please note that variations in the natural ingredient’s colors may cause color variations in HerbaSway products.