Muraglia Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Decorated Ceramic Jars - 16.9 fl. oz.

These jars of olive oil combine two great traditions of Puglia: extra virgin olive oil and decorated ceramic vases.

Each unique jar is crafted and decorated by artisans in Puglia. The spiral of bright colors enlivens the jar, which safeguards the quality of the precious treasure within.

This Muraglia extra virgin olive oil is made exclusively from prized coratina and peranzana varieties of olives selected and processed using the traditional method of cold pressing. The olives are crushed between granite grindstones, grinding slowly to ensure a perfectly smooth and even paste which is then processed in our modern plant, working around the clock to extract an oil with very low acidity and of incomparable consistency, color, flavor and aroma.

Thanks to the presence of phenolic compounds, phospholipids, fat-soluble vitamins and the balance between saturated, unsaturated and polyunsaturated acids, extra virgin oil from Antico Frantoio Muraglia has outstanding health properties, is highly digestible, helps to reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) levels and is a valuable ally in the prevention of diseases of the liver and heart.

I keep my rainbow jar of oil on my kitchen counter where I can enjoy its beauty and the delicious oil inside! It makes the greatest gift…for someone you love…or for you!

Choose from one of these gorgeous decorated vases:

Decorated Ceramic Jar Options for Muraglia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

*Rainbow is currently sold out!