Molini de Pepe Cece Valdarno (Chickpeas) - 350g

Molini de Pepe Cece Valdarno are the most exquisite chickpeas you will ever…and I mean ever eat!

These small chickpeas of the Arno Valley in Tuscany have a firm shell and an intense, nutty flavor that can be used in salads, soups, sauces, hummus or pasta dishes.

High in protein and fiber, these delicate chickpeas are a bit smaller than you might be used to, but they are also softer and cook to a perfect tenderness in about an hour. These are not…and I mean this…the chickpeas you buy from a bulk section and cook them for a seemingly interminable amount of time to achieve that lovely tenderness we love in chickpeas. These babies have tender built into their DNA!