ANT-DVD-Digging Out & Digging In & Digging Life

It’s time to ‘dig out’ of our old bad eating habits, ‘dig in’ to a new way of living and totally get into’ digging life’.  Yes, we’ve cocooned ourselves into a lifestyle of bad habits, from eating out of Tupperware containers to munching on highly processed takeout food in front of the TV!  What will eating healthier and making better lifestyle choices reveal to the world? A totally new you, from more beautiful skin to shinier your hair to losing those extra pounds you’ve been trying to shed. Plus, you’ll have more energy and way more vitality…your friends will think you’ve taken to knapping. 

In this DVD, you’ll learn to make these fabulous recipes:

Veg Head Pot Pie
Philly “Cheesesteak”
Main Course Chow Mein
Apple and Berry-Scented Quinoa
The Best Scrambled Tofu
Christina’s Basic Muffin Mix
Spring Vegetable Barley Soup
Chinese Style Noodles with Peanut Sauce
Bitter Green Salad with Sweet Orange Dressing


Includes Shipping + Handling to Continental U.S.