500 mL Tin Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The introduction of olive oil cultivation in the Campania region of Italy goes back to the Greeks and Phoenicians who brought the use of oil to all of the colonized territories, at the time, as both a food and as an ingredient for perfumes and ointments.

For those used to the earthy taste of a Tuscan oil, you’ll be pleasantly surprised, as the flavor profile of olive oil from Campania is quite different. The aroma has a slight hint of fruitiness, sometimes with notes of apple and green leaf. The taste is soft and delicate, with barely perceptible notes of bitter and spice. It’s fruity with notes of pine nuts and hints of almond.

Our friends at Villa San Cosma have really mastered the art of producing a wonderfully versatile extra virgin olive oil for everyday use.

The exquisite beauty of this oil is that the Amalfi Coast lemons are actually pressed with the olives; it is not an inexpensive infusion like so many producers use. This results in a taste that is fresh and intense with lemon peel flavor and a bit of spice at the end.