250 mL Bottle Extra Virgin Olive Oil From Sardina

The story of olive oil in Sardinia is centuries old, millennia even.

The production of olive oil on the island dates back to the seventh century BCE. Various governing groups, from the Romans to the Pisans and the Aragons, oversaw thousands of acres of wild olive trees.

In the 16th century, the Aragons mandated that landowners plant 10 new olive trees each year, install mills on properties with more than 500 olive trees and sent experts from Spain to Sardinia in order to teach the locals how to produce better olive oil.

Sardinian olive oil is very renowned in Italy for its herbal and artichoke sensations. In the last 20 years, along with Sicily, Sardinia has won most of the competitions in Italy and abroad for the very high quality of its oils.

This renowned Sardinian olive offered by Villa San Cosma has a characteristic aroma with notes of unripe tomatoes, apples and bananas.  The flavor is complex with notes of artichoke.