2 Ole World Camelina Gold Oil 8.5oz Bottles

Refined vs. Unrefined: Camelina Gold oil is processed using natural processes, without any harsh chemicals, solvents or contaminants. Unrefined oils are the most simple and healthiest form of oil processing. Left in their virgin state after pressing, these oils tend to be rich, robust and true to their seed flavors and aromas.

The Health Benefits of Camelina Oil: Camelina oil contains an abundant amount of omega-3 fatty acids. In fact, Camelina Gold oil is made up of about 35% omega-3’s. It is relatively low in omega-6 fatty acids, resulting in a favorable omega-3 to omega-6 ratio of 2:1. This oil is very unique because it is perfectly suited for an omega-3 supplement and it makes excellent cooking oil. The monounsaturated fat in the oil provides for a smoke point of 475 degrees. Packed with natural antioxidants (like Vitamin E), Camelina Gold also has a shelf life of 18-24 months.

Use for all your cooking needs, and as a daily nutraceutical, Also shown to be beneficial for healthy skin and hair, arthritis, heart health, and improved brain, eye and nerve function.

The plant belongs in the crucifer family (Brassica), and has been called many names, including: camelina, false flax, German sesame, gold-of-pleasure, linseed dodder, Siberian oilseed, and wild flax.

During the Industrial Revolution camelina lost favor as a common everyday oil as it cannot be hydrogenated easily (turned into margarine). It has recently “re-emerged” as a popular oil for utility and health as it contains high levels of omega-3’s (polyunsaturated fats), and is one of the highest sources of vitamin E (tocopherol) content of among natural tocopherol sources.

Our Ole World Camelina Oil is 100% raw, cold pressed and unrefined; and is ideal for high heat cooking, and as a daily nutraceutical.

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