Learning plant based cooking can be a daunting task, especially if you’re cooking for a family that turns their nose up at a lot of fruits and vegetables. The key is in learning and teaching everyone where food comes from, how it affects the body, and why organic cooking and natural cooking foods are the best thing for us. Watch every week as Christina cooks wonderful plant based recipes that anyone can enjoy!

Teaching Culinary Healthy Cooking Since 1988

Christina has been teaching cooking classes and culinary courses for healthy cooking since 1988. Thanks to her, thousands of people have learned how easy it is to create delicious plant based cooking, like Bitter Green Salad With Sweet Orange Dressing, in their own kitchens at home. Part of her teaching process is helping people learn to understand how their food gets to their table and why certain foods are better for the body than others. Christina cooks with love and passion, and you can, too!

Whether you’re interesting in incorporating more plant based cooking or vegan cooking into your diet to balance things out or you’d like to try going full-on vegetarian, you need to have a plan for your lifestyle change. It’s not quite as simple as jumping in with both feet and hoping for the best. Improving your health involves dedication and support, and Christina’s advice can help you make the transition. Once you learn about the health benefits of kale, squash, whole grains, and more, you won’t want to go back.

Learn About the Healthy Benefits of These Organic Foods

Would you like to know how to stock your pantry so that you always have the elements of a phenomenal meal on hand? Christina will teach you how to stock your pantry. Learn how to easily identify which fruits and vegetables are in season so your plant based cooking is always full of the freshest produce. It becomes second nature when you have Christina on your side!

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