We love salt. It makes food taste better by bringing out all of its characteristics. But is it healthy for us? And which salt should we use?

Just about all table salt is put through the refinery ringer, ground up, stripped of its nutrients, and imparted with a "non-caking" additive to prevent it from clumping. Sea salt, on the other hand, tends to undergo very little processing, leaving behind potentially healthful trace minerals and elements, since it is simply salt left behind after evaporating sea water.

While nutritionally similar, table salt is much finer than sea salt so by weight it has more sodium chloride which has an impact on health.

When choosing a salt for daily use, always go for the more natural version, sea salt and keep usage to the recommended daily amount-under 2300 mg daily. And in my book, only use sea salt in cooking; never add it once a dish is finished. It has a more dramatic impact on blood chemistry when it’s not cooked into food.

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