Rice syrup (brown rice syrup, rice malt)

Rice syrup is a thick, amber syrup made by combining sprouted barley (or other fermentation starter, like enzymes) with cooked brown rice and storing it in a warm place. Fermentation begins and the starches in the rice convert to maltose and some other complex sugars, making this syrup a wonderfully healthy sweetener. Complex sugars release slowly into the bloodstream, providing fuel for the body rather than wreaking havoc on the blood sugar.

Rice syrup’s wonderful, delicate sweetness makes it ideal for baked goods and other desserts. While sugar is sugar in the end, there are differing qualities of sugars we can use to create healthy treats for our families. Rice syrup falls into the category of a healthy sweetener when it is traditionally produced as is the product line in our marketplace, Suzanne’s Specialties.

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