Essential Pantry

I hear the questions all the time. What does your pantry look like? How do I stock my pantry so I am always prepared to cook? And sometimes I am met with a blank stare as I talk about the lesser known ingredients I use. So breathe out. Here is your essential pantry and glossary to help you navigate the path on your journey to healthy living. These are what I consider to be the basic staples of a well-stocked healthy pantry. The ingredients I use in my recipes are fairly easy to find although you might have to visit your local health food store or Asian market for some. With them on hand, you will never be at a loss to create a meal. I am also using this opportunity to familiarize you with some of the more uncommon ingredients I use. Don’t be daunted by the size of the list. You can stock your pantry gradually, but if your cupboard is bare you won’t exactly be able pull together the meals of your dreams. To make it even easier, I have placed an asterisk (*) by the most essential ingredients you need to have on hand. The balance of the list can be added as you build your repertoire and confidence.

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