There’s nothing better for your health and taste buds than organic cookingChristina Pirello has been teaching people how to cook using natural foods and organic ingredients for decades. She became an organic chef not long after surviving leukemia and delving into the world of healthy cooking with unprocessed, whole foods. The direct correlation between what we put into our body and the effect it has on our health is worth exploring, and Christina’s happy to be your guide.

100% Organic Recipes

What does “organic” mean, anyway? Organic cooking uses produce, grains, and other ingredients that are grown with drastically limited amounts of pesticides and synthetic chemicals normally found in such foods. In ingredients marked “100% Organic,” those factors have been eliminated completely. These foods don’t contain additives, aren’t genetically modified, and aren’t treated with radiation. Becoming an organic chef means going back to nature for your food and avoiding over-processed ingredients while cooking. This allows you to create heart-healthy, easily digestible meals that taste wonderful and make you feel fantastic. Christina’s approach to organic cooking includes teaching her students where their food comes from and how it affects the body. Once you’ve tried your favorite recipes with organic replacements, you’ll never want to go back, whether you choose to prepare a crisp arugula salad or The Mother of All Tomato Salads.

Anyone Can Learn to Cook Healthy

Anyone can learn how to cook delicious, Italian-inspired vegetarian and vegan meals. Just tune in every week as Christina shows you the techniques of organic cooking and how to feed your body well. Discover the joy and passion inherent in really caring about what you eat! Check your local listings to see when Christina is showing in your area.

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