The New Shows Are Coming! The New Shows Are Coming!

August 19, 2019

After a six-year hiatus, I’m coming back home to national public television. Taking the time to travel, teach and write a new cookbook, I think it’s time to come back with a fresh take on my very cool message of wellness and healthy eating. Heaven knows we need to be strong and empowered now more than ever before.

When “Christina Cooks” launched in 1997, it was a game-changer although we didn’t know it then. In this complicated world we took you back to simple times with the idea that whole, fresh food can be delicious. With more than 225 episodes produced to date, the core of my message remains clear: what we choose to eat has a big impact on how we look, feel, age and move through this challenging world.

So what can you expect from the current “Christina Cooks?” Of course, you will still see me whipping up simple, delicious meals for you to savor made from fresh seasonal ingredients. I’ll work to challenge what you think about your path to wellness with a new…directness, an urgency as I hope to inspire you to change how you think about food. 

We love to talk about being healthier, making better choices for ourselves and for our families. In fact, Americans talk about healthy eating and cooking more than just about any other culture…and yet, we have become one of the unhealthiest societies in the world. We’re getting trashed by lifestyle diseases like heart disease and diabetes, obesity and stroke, much of which is…preventable and treatable with diet and lifestyle changes.

I’ll put my training in Traditional Chinese Medicine and my Master’s Degree in Food Science and Nutrition good use as we wade through the confusing information out there, using plain old common sense to re-engage with the soul of cooking. From the slice of the knife to the aroma of steam rising from a perfectly cooked dish, we’ll use plant-based recipes along with simple techniques designed to optimize food’s natural flavors.

I want to transform your kitchen into the most delicious, nurturing sanctuary.