We love natural cooking because it makes us feel amazing. There’s a reason for that! Wholeorganic, and natural foods are what our bodies crave…and thrive on. When we heavily process our food, it can strip nutrients or add things, like chemicals, additives and preservatives our body can’t process as well as the unprocessed alternative. As a rule of thumb, Christina cooks with organic and natural ingredients because she’s spent most of her life studying the link between our health and what we eat. She’s here to teach you to do the same!

Learn About Natural Cooking

Relying on convenience meals like fast food or frozen meals and casseroles is a habit many of us fall into, and not always without good reason. Many of us aren’t confident enough in our cooking skills, feel cooking takes up too much time, or worry that it’s difficult or expensive to find natural foods. Christina’s confident that anyone can cook with the right guidance, and that natural cooking doesn’t have to take a lot of time, money, or energy. You can learn to make delicious simple steamed greens or Italian style greens as well as other vegan dishes that use whole grains, organic vegetables, unprocessed seeds and more. You never knew natural cooking was this easy.

Healthy Foods: Delicious and Great For Your Body

For thousands of years, we’ve relied on the earth to give us all of our food. The human tradition of cooking and preparing that food is millennia old. Now, with Christina’s help, you can make heart-healthy, natural meals in your very own kitchen. Natural cooking isn’t just delicious, it’s great for your body. Watch Christina every week to learn exactly where your food comes from and why cooking naturally is best. Good health!

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