From My Kitchen

Christina's Winter Saute

Quick and easy sautéed vegetables to create strength and energy.

Mochi Melt with Tofu, Onion, Garlic, Ginger Cabbage, Carrot +

A simple and delicious one-dish meal that provides all the nutrients you need to stay well.

Christina's Yummy Peanut Butter Cookies

Learn how to make the perfect peanut butter cookie from scratch

How to Clean Artichokes

A how-to video to take the fear out of cleaning artichokes. It’s so easy!

Spicy White Bean Pate

Working with Cento Foods to create the perfect plant-based pate.

The Root of it All

The sweet taste of root vegetables in our diets keeps us calm, centered and warm

Eat Your Greens

There’s more to being green than kale…it’s all about leafy greens including kale.