From My Books

Coconut Macaroons

There’s nothing quite like the paradox of macaroons--rich and decadent, with a decided light feel to them. And therein lay the art of this special treat. Each moist gem is unique, like a snowflake, light on the tongue, but so sensual--how can something that tastes so sinful feel so light? The very thought of them makes you more beautiful, as you get that dreamy look in your eye, imagining the luxury of coconut and

The Best Chocolate Chunk Cookies

No kidding, the best—ever. Vegan, not vegan, healthy or not, everyone who tastes these says they are the best. When you want to learn how to cook, a whole new world opens up!

Makes 28-30 Cookies

Spicy Tofu with Pineapple and Bok Choy

This main course is easy to make, yummy to eat and packed with protein. I love to serve it with a simple soup with brown basmati rice on the side.
Makes 4-5 servings

Orange Coffee Cake with Chocolate Pecan Streusel

Absolutely decadent . . . but not so rich that you can’t enjoy a healthy slice. The hint of orange so enhances the chocolate that it’s intoxicating.

Cauliflower with Cumin-Scented Oil

Cauliflower is like Clark Kent, mild-mannered, but underneath that beige exterior is Superman!

Shiitake Tea

Dark circles under the eyes seem to be the plague of humanity, with concealer sales in the billions. In truth, this is a sign that your kidneys need a boost. Dark circles mean that they are becoming constricted and dry (you probably have lower back pain, too...), the result of too little liquid, too much

Down-and-Dirty Easy Truffles

These are not totally quick, but they are so easy to make and so delicious. And since most of your time is simply spent waiting for them to set in the refrigerator, I advise you make them the night before you plan to enjoy them.

Makes 24 Truffles

The Body Scrub

The most amazing remedy in the world--and you don’t have to cook a thing. If you take showers, you can do this one. This remedy activates circulation, promoting clear, soft skin, by helping the skin eliminate toxins from the body. I mean it when I say that if you take nothing else from this book--if you don’t ever cook a vegetable--scrub your body. It will change your life--and you’ll really GLOW.

Wise Guy Chili

My Uncle Ralph, a true wise guy, used to make the best chili. And served with my Aunt Laura’s home- baked bread, it was the “hit” of the “family.” My vegan version is just as spicy as Uncle Ralph’s but won’t shorten your lifespan, since it has no saturated fat to clog your arteries. A very heart healthy cooking recipe.

Makes 3-4 Servings

Veg Head Pot Pie

Click here for How To Video

Loaded with antioxidants and none of the ingredients we don’t want, like saturated fats, hormones, or steroids found in meat, this truly is comfort food. If you family isn’t wild about veggies, then this is the recipe for you. The veg head pot pie is a very heart healthy cooking recipe that you will love! Who can resist veggies topped with a flaky crust in their own individual cup?