Multiple Surfaces That Needs Cleaning? No Problem!

April 13, 2015

I love this simple to make multi-surface cleaner. I use it for just about every surface in my house, from the dining table to granite counters to wooden cabinets. It smells great, disinfects and cleans like nobody’s business. And there’s no need for a boatload of different products!


2 teaspoons borax

1 teaspoon washing soda (not baking soda)

Hot water

4 tablespoons white vinegar

½ teaspoon natural unscented liquid soap

¼ teaspoon tea tree oil

10 drops rosemary oil

10 drops tangerine oil (optional)

10 drops lavender oil (optional)


Dissolve borax and washing soda (in your supermarket’s laundry aisle) into 2 cups of very hot water; strain the mixture through a very fine strainer and funnel it into a 1-quart spray bottle (or forget the strainer and just pour it in slowly, leaving behind any undissolved powder). Add the rest of the ingredients and shake to blend. Top off with more hot water and shake again.


The oils: rosemary, tangerine and lavender can be found in most natural foods stores and can also be omitted or replaced with other oils depending on your likes and dislikes in aromas. The rosemary oil aids in disinfecting but the others are more for fragrance. I often leave them all out and create an unscented version of this cleaner.