Memorial Day 2021

May 28, 2021

How are you spending the long weekend? Working? Playing? Finishing up the pandemic house projects we all seem to have started and now want done, done, done so we can enjoy the summer to come?

Maybe you’ll spend the Memorial Day weekend cooking for a picnic, or prepping your grill, patio and garden to host outdoor feasts. Maybe you’ll host or attend, your first post-pandemic potluck. Maybe you’ll make some sandwiches and take them to the park or the beach.

I hope you cook. It’s good to cook for yourself…for others. It’s good to eat outside. It’s good to be with our people again.

The weather where I live won’t be the best for eating and playing outside so I am planning to bake some mini-chocolate bundt cakes to serve with vegan vanilla ice cream as a treat while we indulge in French and Italian television (our pandemic obsession with foreign tv is not fading one bit). Robert made gorgeous whole grain sourdough baguettes that will make great sandwiches for lunches.

Sunday will find me perfecting recipes from my new cookbook that will accompany the new series of Christina Cooks. I am thinking to try out some of the soups and pasta dishes.

If we see the sun on Monday, it will be a workout at the gym followed by a girls’ coffee date outside at our Italian Market. It will be good to sit with my girls and catch up. Then I’ll head home and cook a late afternoon feast of more new cookbook recipes and see how they taste.

I love when you share your plans and recipe. What are you doing this weekend?