Making Vegan Yogurt

May 7, 2018

I taught a cooking class yesterday all about managing weight and one of the questions at the end of class was about making vegan yogurt, specifically about the starter part of the process.

I confess that I have never been one for yogurt, not ever. My mother adored it and when I was a kid, she was always trying to “sell” me on the idea of how delicious it was. I was not buying it, even when she stirred fresh peaches into it (my fave fruit as a kid). She went through her homemade yogurt phase and waxed on about its freshness and goodness…still…no sale for me.

But I do appreciate people’s love of this creamy treat, so I went home (as promised) and came across this seemingly easy recipe. I made it last night and followed the directions exactly. 

Now, remember, I am not a fan of yogurt, but this tastes like we want yogurt to taste (I think)…and it was stupid easy to make.

So here you go…try this recipe in the link and let me know what you think of it.

Happy Cooking!