Just When You Think Monsanto Can’t Be More Subversive

February 11, 2014

“The motto of the world’s largest youth organization is “To Make the Best Better.” This is honored by Monsanto as we are proud to share and support the motto of 6.8 million youth, aged 5-21, who are involved in 4-H programs annually.”
-Monsanto’s website

I thought things could not get worse for our kids. When Monsanto and their colleagues on The Council for Biotechnology Information circulated a “Biotechnology Basics Activity Book” to brainwash our children, as they ‘educated’ them about the virtues of GMO’s, I did not think they could sink lower.

But I was wrong.

Boasting a partnership with the largest youth organization in the world, Monsanto continues unabated on its quest to control the food supply and make its own rules along the way. And what better way to achieve their goals that by exerting influence over more than 6.8 million impressionable kids, manipulating them into thinking that genetically modified organisms (GMO’S) are safe, beneficial to farmers and consumers and a secure way to feed the hungry of the world in a sustainable manner?

Originally set up by the Department of Agriculture (USDA), the 4-H Youth Development organization was designed to train rural American youth in hands on skills like farming and animal husbandry, as well as the cultivation of food resources in a responsible, sustainable and ethical way.

The 4-H, which symbolizes in their pledge a commitment to better living for their community, country and world has its roots in a noble cause but is proving to be vulnerable to the influences of its funders, trapped between a rock and a hard place since the very corporations that fund its work are the corporations who could irrevocably alter our food supply…and our collective health. It’s hard to speak about healthy living when funding for your work comes from Coca Cola and certainly hard to indict biotechnology and its effects on our food and planet when you partner with Monsanto.

Think it can’t get worse?

In their quest to weave pro-GMO propaganda into the work of the 4-H organization, Monsanto has extended its tentacles into the training of 4-H volunteers who occupy the role of teaching children the art of farming. According to an article in 4-Traders:

“In 2007, Monsanto expanded its 4-H volunteerism support by funding state and regional development. More than 52,600 volunteers have attended Monsanto-supported forums and training events in 50 states, three US territories and four Extension regional forums.”

It makes sense. If you are a large corporation whose goal is to control the food supply, you want to get a grip on the hearts and minds of the young, before their opinions are fully formed. Take a closer look at the aforementioned Biotechnology Basics Activity Book for kids, produced and marketed by the Council for Biotechnology Information. With its colorful pages and friendly cartoon characters, who would guess it was really spewing lies and misinformation about the “benefits” of genetic engineering for health, our environment, world hunger and the future of farming.

As one of the eight biotech companies involved in this ‘educational’ project, Monsanto clearly shows us just how far it will go to achieve its goals. The CBI claims to promote science-based information about biotechnology, but in reality it is simply a handmaiden of the biotech industry, with the sole purpose of ‘selling’ GMO’s to us.

But brainwashing children through the 4-H is a new low, even for Monsanto. I guess they are not happy to just poison our kids’ bodies; they want to poison their minds too. They are no fools in the end, as they know how easily influenced and manipulated children can be.

I suppose we should not be surprised. Monsanto has no problem destroying farmers, squashing dissent, burying protesters in lawsuits, polluting our water and our soil, so why should our kids be exempt from their toxic influence?

As more and more people become educated about the risks of genetically modified foods and continue to ask questions, demand proof of safety and fight for the right to know what is in our food, Monsanto has no choice but to step up its strategies of self-serving propaganda by going after our kids. If they can influence their perception of GM food; if they can bring our kids to their way of thinking; if they can infiltrate the organizations who help mold our youth, then they will have a firm hold on our future and the future of our food supply.

Monsanto’s strategies are masterful and insidious. They will stop at nothing to dominate our agriculture. The sponsorship of the 4-H is a match made in hell, whose subversive brainwashing techniques could result in GMO-tainted foods on every American dinner plate within 20 years.

As the USDA continues to turn its eye from the ever-more-toxic chemicals used in commercial farming, this 4-H propaganda could convince an entire generation of future farmers that biotechnology is the best way to farm, feed the world and produce food.

That should scare the pants off us all.