I Can’t Believe I’m Writing About This Again…

June 21, 2023

Recently, I posted a photo about the smoke event in the Northeast from wildfires in Canada. I was working in Rome and was so sad to see this in my hometown of Philadelphia. I connected it to climate change and suggested, as I would if you know me, that maybe we should eat more plants to begin to stem the tide of the extreme climate events we are seeing. It’s not just my opinion. Almost every scientist agrees that we will see more and more extreme events like this as our planet continues to warm. Like it or not; believe it or not, our planet is changing.

We have but to look around and see sweltering summers, droughts, winters with no snow. And yes, our climate has gone through changes before and maybe, just maybe we can make it through this one too.

Honestly, this event simply gave me an opening to do my job…to advise people to eat more plants and less animal-based foods to decrease our footprint on the planet and improve human wellness. Period.

But no. Some of you were having none of it.

I am actually not writing about climate change. I am, once again, writing about meanness. I am weary of writing about it, but here I go again.

Whether or not you believe that the planet is changing and that we humans are the cause is your right and choice. What’s not ok is calling me names; sending me private messages (because you are too cowardly to post your ugly thoughts publicly) telling me to die or worse. Calling me stupid, full of s&%t, an idiot or heaven forbid, a liberal is simply not ok…at…all. I am not silly or ill-informed. I am not ignorant and most important, I am not a one-dimensional character from television with only recipes in my head. I am a very smart, well-informed woman with a platform who feels a responsibility to my followers to use my voice to make life better, if I can.

Smoke-filled air from a camp fire gone wild due to drought conditions doesn’t make life better, but forget that; the question today is this:

When did a difference of opinion open the door to being savaged by those who disagree with you?

I guess it’s the same old story of keyboard cowards with no accountability and no consequences saying things online that they would never have the courage to say to your face. I guess it’s our ugly social climate that has made enemies of those with whom you disagree.

But what is driving this hatred and ugliness? Why is it that we all seem to live right at the boiling point all the time and ready to blast anyone who says something different than we believe? Or looks different? Or lives a different lifestyle? Or holds different religious or political views?

I mean, seriously, WTF?

In terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine, my mentor would say it’s our livers (which govern, in TCM, the emotions of impatience, irritability and anger). This tiny gland, with multiple jobs essential to our lives is as overworked and underpaid as anyone not in the 1% of wealthy Americans.

So take a look at our food. Additives, preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, hormones, antibiotics are in almost all of our foods, processed or not. Most of our water contains micro-plastics, pharmaceutical residues and other toxins all of which tax our livers. Add to that the fact that most of us are chronically dehydrated and you have a recipe for rage.

Could this nationwide rampage we seem to be in the midst of be the result of our collective livers being overworked and angry? Maybe, just maybe. Could this be yet another reason to eat more plants? Definitely. The moisture and minerals will rock your world and calm you down. God knows, some of you could use that.

Think about it. If a photo of a haze-filled sky over my home city drives you to wish me dead, maybe it’s your problem and not my belief in climate change.

I am reaching the point where I am more than ready to shut down all my social platforms if this continues. I sound like a stern mom, but if some followers continue to act like schoolyard bullies, that will be my choice. I refuse to allow this ugliness, even in tiny doses into my life.

I would hate to disconnect from all of you who are so lovely and have become precious to me; I love what we have created together, sharing as we do, but I will not live my life terrified to open one of my platforms to post, dreading what awful thing has been written or sent to me as a DM. No one…and I mean no one should live like that.

I do not want to hear that I look older (gee, thanks but I know that because I am older, duh). I do not want to be called names. I do not want to be insulted for my opinions any more than you want to be insulted or threatened for yours.

So let’s see how it goes over the summer. Stay tuned. And for all of you bullies out there, if you have nothing nice to say, keep your comments and DM’s to yourself and please, please unfollow me. I have no room in my world for hate so trust me; you won’t be missed.