Discover the joy of heart healthy cooking while you make the lifestyle changes you need for your health. Christina Pirello loves finding new and delicious ways to cook heart healthy food for people who are interested in learning about how what they eat affects their body. Tune in every week to watch as Christina cooks whole, organic ingredients into fantastic meals!

Turn Whole, Organic Ingredients into Fantastic Meals

It can be difficult to make a lifestyle change after having heart trouble or coming from a diagnostic doctor’s appointment. For many people, heart healthy cooking sounds like a chore and a bore. We think that everything that tastes good has to be bad for us. Not true at all! With Christina’s help, anyone can learn to prepare heart healthy food in new and exciting ways. You won’t just learn tasty recipes and meal plans, but also that fresh food is incredibly fulfilling and delicious. It doesn’t just taste good…it also makes you feel great! The benefits of heart healthy cooking expand well past your improved heart health. Combined with the right balance of diet and exercise, you can do anything from maintaining or losing weight to supplying your body with everything it needs to train for a marathon. The sky’s the limit! Take a look at some of our recipes like Wise Guy Chili or our Veg Head Pot Pie and get inspired.

Benefit from Natural, Healthy Cooking

You don’t have to have heart problems to benefit from natural cooking and heart healthy cooking. In fact, it’s often better to begin incorporating healthy meals into your diet before your health declines at all. Learning to have a knowledgeable and balanced relationship with your food will keep your body strong and youthful. If you have a family history of heart issues or just want to make sure your body’s operating on the best possible fuel, check your local listings and learn heart healthy cooking as well as organic cookingwhole foods cooking to plant based cooking and vegan cooking  with Christina!

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