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The Breathtaking Amalfi Coast
September 16 – 27, 2022

A ‘Feast-ive’ Fall in Tuscany and Rome
September 2 to 13, 2022

Luck of the Irish
September 27, 2022 – October 8, 2022

Live Like A Roman
May 26 – June 4, 2023

Why Our Idea of Healthy Travel Is Different

Look, I know that international travel can be a challenge. Not understanding a language or local customs and culture; packing, airports and security regulations! It’s enough to make a person stay home for fear of having more stress than a vacation is worth, right?

That’s where Healthy Travel with Christina comes in.

With a little planning (thank you, Robert) and some creative work with brilliant allies at each of our destinations, our unique holidays turn into the most rewarding travel experiences. And you worry about…nothing. And I mean nothing, except to decide on the flavor of gelato you might enjoy or how many coffees.

With us, brand-new worlds of foods, flavors and aromas await our travelers; experiences destined to be just as memorable as the people, places and sights that are naturally part of any trip.

As a vegan, a traveler committed to health and wellness…or anyone (and I mean anyone…) who wishes to head home from holiday relaxed and rejuvenated, not exhausted and bloated…

Healthy Travel with Christina is your answer.

You can take a trip to tour Italy or any other destination any day of the week with any number of companies, but it’s getting harder and harder to find the kind of authentic experience of a destination that you desire.

Since 1990, before anyone was talking about unique trips that offer a glimpse into the day-to-day life in other cultures, we were hosting experiences. Our boutique trips offer a soulful alternative to group trips where you spend more time on buses between hotels than actually experiencing the culture you’re visiting. With local guides and experts in every city, we offer access to unique tastings, home-cooked meals, artisanal products and cooking classes that allow you to live…just for a short time…like a local.

We help you experience your own little piece of La Dolce Vita at a more natural rhythm. We stay in deluxe villas or country houses with luxurious accommodations. We unpack and settle in; taking day trips that allow us to experience all that a location has to offer. We see Italy like no other tour with intimate, unique, off-the-beaten path happenings that defy description and must be experienced.

And yet, we feel at home in our little slice of paradise, our “home” for the week.

We eat well, travel and sightsee; relax a lot. We live like locals with all that encompasses.

Getting to know other people, places and cultures is like a new relationship: full of beauty and mystery, depth and wisdom, culture and playfulness. It can take a lifetime of experiences…and then you realize you have only just scratched the surface.


Where else can you walk down scenic streets lined with cobbled stones, window shopping, gelato in hand as motorinos whiz past?

You’ll find cities with more than 2000 years of history within reach (literally…)at all times.

The sounds, the perfumes and the dazzling light that shines off the faded marble scattered through cities enrapture you from the first moment, lulling you into a euphoric state that screams, “Never let me leave this beauty!”

For the tens of thousands of travelers that visit Italy every year, one of the central highlights of their trip is the food – pasta, bread, olive oil and wine…and don’t forget gelato. The tomatoes as sweet as candy; the vegetables so fresh, you can feel their life in your body; the richly bitter espresso that is the Italian signature of coffee.

They just don’t make it like they do in Italy. You have to experience it to believe it. And yes, you experience Italy; you don’t visit. The life, love, passion and drama that’s Italy becomes part of everything you do, taste, drink or visit…and you take it home with you, deep in your heart.

Vieni con me. Che cambierà la vostra vita. (Translation: Come with me. It will change your life.)

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