No one knows healthy cooking like Christina! Long before it was trendy, Christina Pirello was invested in food health and cooking with whole, organic, natural cooking ingredients. For over 25 years, she’s been exploring in the link between diet and health as she teaches cooking classes to anyone willing to learn. All of that experience, passion, and fabulous attitude can be viewed weekly on “Christina,” the show everyone knows so well. Watch as Christina cooks!

Learning Healthy Cooking with Christina

Everyone knows you should eat natural foods, but not everyone has the knowledge or experience to cook them. Christina wants to change that. Anyone can learn healthy cooking easily in their own home and make lifestyle changes that will improve their overall attitude and health. You can find Christina on over 200 public television channels smiling and teaching beginning cooks how to embrace food health and heart-healthy cooking ingredients. As a cancer survivor, she knows the power of food intimately, and she wants to share it with the world. Healthy cooking isn’t just a fad – it’s a lifestyle! Food is a source of joy, life, and togetherness, and it should be celebrated accordingly.

Whole Food Advice, Tips, Tricks & More

Check your local listings and tune in every week to learn Christina’s latest healthy cooking recipes, whole food advice, tips and tricks, and more. Cooking with whole grains, fresh organic vegetables, natural legumes, and other unprocessed foods will improve your health and make you feel fantastic. We have many delicious recipes, like Grilled Cheese SandwichInstant Veggie Noodle Soup as well as Hot Fudge Sundae! Learn what she’s already known for years: the food we eat is the key to creating the lives we want for ourselves. Join Christina and she’ll make the healthy cooking journey bright and fun!

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