Gratitude, Baby

October 26, 2018

It’s that time of year. Our hearts warm (while the rest of us is chilled) and we count our blessings. You do count your blessings, right? I try to count them each and every day, but this time of year always reminds me just how blessed I am.


And with the holiday season in full swing, remember that it’s a great feeling to give back, which is why I founded The Christina Pirello Health Education Initiative, dedicated to making our communities healthier through education.


Offering cooking classes, seminars and other educational events throughout our region (and the country), your generous donations have always helped us to realize our mission.


We have just finished filming 13 episodes of Christina Cooks for national public television, making the largest classroom in the world my platform. I love that I can reach the entire country with my messgae of healthy eating. (Head to to see how you can help.)


But there’s more than just my tv show at stake. I have a wee confession to make. I am a dyslexic and really struggled as a child until my brilliant high school geometry teacher discovered it…and gave me the tools I needed to read, study, write and realize my full potential.


Eight cookbooks into my career, I have a chance to give back. My dear friend, Anthony Anastasio, of Anthony’s Italian Coffee House has begun a fund-raising effort to support students with dyslexia, called Coffee for a Cause.


The goal is to help children with dyslexia across the USA by providing them with a full year of access to Learning Ally’s AudioBooks program.  One year of access through Learning Ally costs $135.00 per child. Your generous donations to my work will allow me to make a substantial donation to this great cause so that we can overcome dyslexia.  


Whatever the reason; whatever the cause you love, donate now so that together we can make this world a better…and healthier place for us all.