Freshly Ground Spices and Wellness

March 18, 2024

I confess that I am not much for gadgets. They have always been categorized in my mind as “just another thing to clean” when I am cooking. I use my knife and a mortar and pestle for everything.

All that changed for me when I was introduced to FinaMill. Sometimes it’s good to be forced to eat your words and change how you think. It’s how we grow, right?

In their words, FinaMill is spice grinding, reinvented. And it is.

Let’s face it, the cliché that variety is the spice of life came from somewhere. As a chef, I like to think that it came from fresh spices in cooking that add deep flavor and variety to even the simplest dish.

Herbs and spices are essential building blocks for the world’s great cuisines. Not one culinary adventure is without spices or herbs. And yet we buy pre-ground spices on supermarket shelves, often ground months before with flavor a shadow of what it once was. 

Using whole spices, ground right before cooking, keep their full character, creating flavor that explodes on your tongue. Fresh ground spices can be bold or mild, depending on how much you grind. You control the character of what you cook. And once you’ve tasted the difference, well, you’ll be hooked on fresh-ground spices and herbs forever.

With this sooooooooooo easy-to-use mill, fresh ground herbs and spices could not be easier, unless they ground themselves. And storage? You’ll experience less waste…tons less, in fact as you can buy smaller quantities of spices and grind them fresh.

In cooking, the key to success is creating flavors and textures that make people swoon with pleasure. There’s a cooking movie called “Burnt” where the head chef says that he doesn’t want people to eat; he wants them to feel sick with longing. For chefs, that’s the order of the day.

For the home cook, I feel that every good cook who takes the time and makes the effort to create a meal for those they love best wants to look around the table and see faces that are filled with pleasure. Okay, maybe you don’t want friends and family sick with longing, but filled with pleasure and wondering how you pulled off this incredible meal is pretty cool.

And the truth is without fresh-ground spices it’s soooooooo much harder to create an eye-popping meal. And if that’s not enough incentive for you, the health benefits of freshly ground herbs are over the top. 

You know how I always say that vegetables serve our health the best when we can freshly slice and dice them, so their nutrients are at their optimum. It’s the same with spices. Spices value to our wellness are without measure. From blood purifying to circulation stimulating; from blood sugar control to cholesterol balance, freshly-ground herbs and spices bring such anchors of wellness to the table, pun fully intended.

For me, adding the FinaMill to my largely gadget-less life has elevated my cooking to places that I could only dream about!