These days, it seems like everyone’s cooking with quinoa. It’s a super nutritious grain that’s a complete protein, like in an egg and also gluten-free, which makes it ideal for many diets, particularly vegan diets. When Christina cooks, she loves to cook with quinoa! You’ll find it featured in tons of her healthy cooking recipes, from Quirky Quinoa Salad to Quinoa and Bean Chili. Yum!

The Superfood You Know and Love

Christina’s interest in the relationship between health and food blossomed out of her experience with cancer. After being diagnosed with terminal leukemia, she sought a complete lifestyle change and studied macrobiotics alongside Robert Pirello to discover how what we eat affects our body. This is why using organic ingredients is so important. Cooking with quinoa isn’t just a way to jump onto a fad diet — it’s part of a total food revolution for you and your family. When you understand where your food comes from and how it affects your body, you can’t help but want to make a change. Watching as Christina cooks will help you along in the process by showing you how to cook delicious Italian meals with organic, whole foods. You’ll be cooking with quinoa and more in no time!

Going Back to the Earth for Food

It’s likely that you’ve seen an upswing in the amount of organic and so-called “superfoods” popping up in markets over the last few years. People are going back to the earth for their food, and that’s a great thing. Learn more about how to choose your food, find out where it comes from, and make it in to delicious meals for your family. If you’re interested in cooking with quinoa, kale, tofu and more, check your local listings and tune in to watch Christina every week!

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