Testimonial-Joyce Rosenblum, CHHC

Hi Christina, I just have to start by saying how much I love you! No I am not a crazy stalker. No, I can't write as eloquently as you but had to share. Just always in awe of you and whenever I have the opportunity to be in your presence it is just heightened. I know you hear how wonderful you are and how grateful one is to know you and how you have positively changed their life and you will probably never stop hearing this from people from all of the world, which is why I love you so much. As with your mother and the world not being able to handle more of her, this too is true for you. There is only one Christina Pirello. One unique, wonderful gift, god gave us and you heard his cry for you to share your gifts and have done so. I can't express enough how very much I appreciated your sharing your gifts with the graduating class in Mercerville. More lives forever changed for the better by you! I thank you, love you and wish you the very best always!

Joyce Rosenblum, CHHC