Testimonial-Jewel F

Dear Christina, You have enlightened my Mother and me about GMOs and the more I read the more I am ticked off! My Mother and I are thinking GMOs are the reason why foods just don't taste good anymore and why that loaf of sandwich bread has the strangest odor in a few days after opening the package. And, is the bee collapse related to all this produce "perfection"? It's high time everyone says no to GMOs and scientists should learn to understand why the weeds are growing in the first place. From what I've learned weeds are a sign of what the ground is lacking and some weeds are beneficial feeding the soil with nutrients that grow healthier garden vegetables. Mother Nature seems to have plenty of ways to keep bugs under control with other insects and birds. Why not learn how to harness the natural helpers rather than the chemical? Or, does it boil down to the cash kiddy for the GMO seed suppliers who hold seed patents...only for potentially ruining what nature has so carefully created through natural evolution? Thanks for your shared knowledge.

Jewel F