Testimonial-Barbara Fitzgerald

Thank you! As an RN, I saw many results of the SAD, Standard American Diet, but it didn’t get personal. That is until my partner asked me how old my mother was when she had a quadruple bypass. I thought a moment and told her. Then she asked how old my younger sister was at her quintuple bypass. I did the math and immediately told her to bring on the vegetables. That was 8 months ago and ranks with my decision to stop drinking 36 years ago. It’s never too late. I’m 68 and in eight months lost 26 pounds without going to a gym. I’ve cut my blood pressure medicine in half and I no longer need diabetic medicine. You’re a big inspiration to us. As a nurse, I want to know the root of any disease. You make an incalculable difference in many diseases, in a way that is accessible, costs less, and makes sense. Plus, it’s actually good too! Thank you so much for your work in this concern; it affects people, right at the root!

Barbara Fitzgerald