Coffee for a Cause

February 6, 2018

If you’ve known me for more than three seconds, you know I love coffee, from the shape of the sexy little beans to the seductive aroma that calls me by name as I walk by coffee shops in the city. It’s my own personal siren song. I’ve learned to control my demon coffee cravings, but when I heard about Caffe di Causa or Coffee for a Cause, being sponsored by my good friend, Anthony Anastasio, owner and genius chocolate and coffee guru behind Anthony’s Italian Coffee House in South Philadelphia, I wanted in. And I think you will too.


When I was a kid, I struggled with math. No one could understand why such a smart kid could have so much trouble. It was my high school geometry teacher who discovered that I was dyslexic. It wasn’t a ‘thing’ then; there were no resources for me, so he helped me craft ways to study to help me overcome the challenge of dyslexia. To this day, I use the tools he taught me so I can read and comprehend complex information, so I’m able to give you all the great information you have come to expect from me. My dyslexia only rears its ugly head when I’m super-tired and I lose focus. I’ll never forget or be able to thank my teacher for the gift of being able to study and read well.


So when Anthony told me his story, I knew I had to help. Caffe di Causa isn’t just another coffee; it’s coffee with a cause…to help children with dyslexia. The inspiration of this new coffee blend came from within his own family. His beautiful daughter Alessia was diagnosed with dyslexia in kindergarten. For her and many other children diagnosed with dyslexia, reading, comprehending, and doing well in school were massive struggles. But with the proper assistance, accommodations, and technology, that can change the outcome for many children. That’s where companies like Learning Ally come in.


Learning Ally has a collection of over 100,000 audio books including text books and chapter books that recite the content and visually show the text so the student can learn more efficiently. 


Learning Ally made all the difference in Alessia’s school work but like all great resources, it comes with a price tag…in this case, $135.00 per year per child. As Anthony thought about this, he realized that the cost of this technology could put this great help for students out of reach for some families and even some school districts.


And so he developed Caffe di Causa, full-body blend of coffee with notes of dark chocolate and roasted nuts. With every pound of Caffe di Causa roasted, $2.70 goes directly to Learning Ally to help children with dyslexia get the tools they need to do well in school.  Anthony and his team at Anthony’s Italian Coffee House have set a goal to personally sponsor 100 children by raising $13,500.00 this year. That’s a lot of kids to help for not a lot of money.


Whether you brew at home or make a routine stop at the coffee house for your morning cup of Joe, every single sip of Caffe Di Causa helps.  And that my friends, is a powerful cup of coffee! 


With a simple (and delicious cup of coffee), you can do good and feel good all at that the same time.


I have this unshakeable feeling that in a city like ours, built on a foundation of brotherly love and this country with its sense of community that we will surpass this goal together and maybe even double it! To help that many kids learn well would be the greatest gift!


Caffe di Causa is delicious…and the cause makes it all the yummier. It’s my personal go-to blend at Anthony’s and it should be yours, too. 


But what if you don’t like or don’t drink coffee? No problem;  you can donate here directly to help Anthony’s Italian Coffee House fund their goal of giving at least 100 children the ability to study and learn well.