Changing Your Mind

December 30, 2015

No one likes change. It’s uncomfortable and takes us into uncharted territory. It can be scary and we aren’t sure of the results…or consequences.

And sometimes, we just get tired of “growing.” I know I do.

If we are to transform our health and wellness and create the vitality we desire, we must change the way we think…about food, about eating, about exercise, about rest, about how we consume and about how we move through the world.

It’s pretty heady stuff.

This month, when the whole world is resolving to be better, let’s take this journey toward change together. Let’s resolve this: to talk to each other about what we are going through; about the struggles we face with cooking, feeding our families and creating wellness. Let me be there for you and help smooth the way to change so that our little community, that I love so much, is one of strength, vitality and delicious wellness.

Let’s share recipes (you know I will!), inspiring stories (I love yours…), our ideas on how we make change more palatable, our favorite cold weather exercise routines and whatever else is on your mind.

Most important, let’s talk about how we make up our mind to create change so that we can do it together and make 2016 our healthiest year yet. Together, we can change the way we think about food, wellness and cooking. We can change how we act and react. It begins in the kitchen and will spread, as any good thing does, from you to your family and loved ones, to your community, city, state…and the world around us.

It begins with you and ends…well, who knows where?

Just think…we can actually be the change we want to see in the world.