Changing How We Think

January 5, 2016

When I was younger and newly vegetarian, I think I had it easier than today. In order to change how I ate, I had to change how I thought about food. I wasn’t bombarded by faux foods. I didn’t have access to veggie burgers, vegan hot dogs, vegan ice cream, vegan cheese or vegan eggs. I had to figure out how to make vegetables taste really good as vegetables, not vegetables disguised as something else.

I know we think it’s so much easier to begin eating a plant-based diet because we have so many convenient and familiar foods to choose from, like vegan buffalo wings, but does this style of plant-based eating foster a change in our thinking?

I think not. I think simply switching your diet from burgers to veggie burgers doesn’t help you change your view of food. Sure, sometimes these foods can be cool and fun to enjoy at a party, but if they are the lion share of what you consume, you may want to consider re-thinking your food choices.

In order to achieve the health you crave; in order to step a bit lighter on our planet; we must change how we think about food. Plant-based food is richly flavored and completely satisfying and requires little enhancement when enjoyed in its whole, unprocessed form. It certainly doesn’t need to be disguised as something else in order to win our hearts.

It’s time to change our mindset when it comes to our food. Take this journey with me and I promise you a naturally delicious, mind-changing experience. Oh, and I will answer all your questions, too. I love how you all think!

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